Mechwarrior Online: Surviving Yesterday Pt 2

Alpha Strike A beta is meant to hunt down bugs and tweak game design. However, it is not a replacement for alpha feature development. Mechwarrior Online‘s game-balance with weapons and mechs were essentially broken at beta. Network issues abounded, causing many players to experience Mechwarrior 3-style lag and rubber-banding. The rising chorus of complaints on […]

Mechwarrior Online: Surviving Yesterday Pt 1

A Blast From The Past For the most part, Mechwarrior Online avoided the technical pratfalls of Mechwarrior 3‘s broken AI and poor multiplayer, and completely avoided Mechwarrior 4‘s fan uproar over simpler, faster gameplay. However, it did suffer from the one constant illness every game in the series (with the exception of Mechwarrior 1) fell […]